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Eid-Ul-Adha 2019

Assalaamu Alaikum Dear Respected Brothers & Sisters, it gives us great pleasure to announce that as the Day of Arafat will be insha Allah on Saturday the 10th August, Eid-Ul-Adha will be on Sunday the 11th August, as the Prophet Muhammad SAW said, that the day of Sacrifice is immediately proceeding the day of Arafat. Insh Allah Eid Salah will ...

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National Mosque Open Day 2019

HI Guys, yes we are once again proud to be taking part in our National Mosque Open Day initiative supported by the Muslim Council of Britain as a national campaign to raise awareness of  Islam and its core values, thousands of Muslims throughout the UK will be partaking in taking the message of Islam to the Britain to emove misconceptions ...

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New Muslim World Conference

Every year thousands of people embrace Islam from every corner of the world. Many of them contribute to the positive development of our Ummah and some of them even became leaders in their fields. Despite the growing number of converts around the world and the deep interest that Islam is generating since the beginning of this century we have not ...

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Taste Ramadan 2018

Please join us on the 27th May 2018 Mosques around the UK will be holding an open Iftar (the post sunset meal following fasting) for all the community. This is a great opportunity to join your local community and experience the blessings of Ramadan by accepting the invitation to be our guest for an Iftar meal at your local Mosque

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