UKIM Youth Leadership Development Project

The Leadership programme is a project that is set up to facilitate the youth in developing and enhancing their leadership skills in order to become better role models and to play a more effective and constructive role in their community and society. The project consists of five residential weekends that include a variety of activities as well as talks. With four residential weekends to go, this short report will give an overview of the first weekend. The weekend started off on the Friday evening with a short introduction from Br Irman Tariq, introducing himself and the other branches to the programme and an overview of what to expect over the weekends. A few points that were taken away from this introduction were how are we as leaders? What are we doing for our society & also how well do we know the people that we are leading? In order to make a positive impact on our society, developing ourselves is vital and ensuring we have the character of a true leader. Both the brothers and sisters were then sent off to their dorms to do a group introduction. The Saturday was a pretty intensive day packed with talks and workshops by speakers such as Br Sikander Mirza, Dr Jamil Sheriff, Moulana Rasheed Noumani & Dr Iftikhaar Hussain. The topics ranged from speaking on the best of leader, The Prophet SAW, to a discussion on the implications of census findings for the muslim community and Tafseer of Surah Mulk. Speaking on behalf of the Walsall branch the highlight of the weekend was the talk delivered by Dr Iftikhaar on the Character of the Prophet SAW as it showed how many qualities and characteristics we as leaders lack. It was a real eye opener. For future sessions we hope there will be more workshops and we look forward to the outdoor activities. A big Jazakallahkhair to the organisers once again!