New Muslim World Conference

Every year thousands of people embrace Islam from every corner of the world. Many of them contribute to the positive development of our Ummah and some of them even became leaders in their fields.

Despite the growing number of converts around the world and the deep interest that Islam is generating since the beginning of this century we have not taken the opportunity to create a global platform where they could express themselves and be empowered. It is therefore with great joy that we invite you all to witness a historical event with the launching of the first “New Muslim World Conference” in Manchester, UK on the 23rd December 2018.

The event will feature powerful speeches, inspiring nasheeds, the world acclaimed documentary film FREEDOM featuring 50 converts from 25 countries, an award ceremony and much more.

The conference will be hosted by The “Two White Muslims” also known as Mohammad Yusuf Bashforth and Junaid Rahim.

Speeches, performances, film, hosts will be from amongst the international community of new Muslims. Be part of history. REGISTER NOW!