National Mosque Open Day 2019

HI Guys, yes we are once again proud to be taking part in our National Mosque Open Day initiative supported by the Muslim Council of Britain as a national campaign to raise awareness of  Islam and its core values, thousands of Muslims throughout the UK will be partaking in taking the message of Islam to the Britain to emove misconceptions and build strong ever lasting bridges, to remove the hatred and bring people together as we are all Human first, UKIM Azmet E Islam located in the heart of Glodwick will be once again sharing Islamic Values and how Islam and Muslims throughout Britain embark on the journey in every dat life as British Citizans, We would be delifghted if you could join us on the day for some fresh food from all over the world, a delightful guided tour of the Mosque, and a presentation to Muslim Beliefs.

To Join us please simly fill in your details below and press submit, the Open Day is completly free of charge and please feel to bring your freinds family and neighbours with you.