UKIM Central Education Committee was established in1984 and Br. Mohammad Yaqoob was given the responsibility to organize the Mission’s Madaris on national basis. Over the years the Committee has been able to develop and perform the following functions in this respect:

The Committee formulated a curriculum for the Madaris. It has been revised twice. Now the committee is in the process of revising it again. The curriculum was prepared keeping in view that the children can receive basic Islamic education and secondly that it is compatible with the curriculum of GCSE. By the time the student is 15 years old (has completed stage 5 of the curriculum) has enough religious knowledge for his future life and can successfully pass the GCSE examinations of Religion of Islam and Urdu subjects.

The students of stage 5 also can easily pass Urdu language and Religion of Islam subjects of GCSE examination and add two grades to their examination result.

Education in Madaris

Classes are held separately for boys and girls. The class size is kept to 30 maximum. Total number of students nationally is 5000 approximately. Majority of the students are in the nursery class. Number of male and female teachers engaged are 200 approximately. Teachers Training Sessions

According to the resources available the branches can not engage qualified teachers. The committee organizes teachers training sessions for the teachers every year. Every year two sessions are held, one at in North of England for teachers of Scotland Zone and North Zone, the other is held at in Midlands for the teachers of Midland Zone and South Zone. Annual Examinations

Examinations are held in these supplementary schools on annual basis. The Successful students are awarded certificates and top positions of each stage are awarded trophies at UKIM’s Annual Conference.

Speech Competitions

The Committee also organises speech competition in Madaris (Supplementary Schools). The competition for Qira’at, Na’at, Urdu speech and English speech are held. First of all the UKIM’s local branches hold these competitions and those who perform well than compete with other branches of the respective zones. Those who achieve first positions in the Zonal competitions then compete with other Zones at the UKIM’s Annual Conference.

Hifz Classes

Hifz classes are also held in some Madaris as listed below:

Burnley, Hull, Bradford, Nelson, Birmingham North, Oldham, Birmingham South, Rochdale, Birmingham Central, Glasgow, Birmingham East, Manchester South, Manchester North,Walsall and Blackheath. There are over 200 boys and girls actively engaged memorising the Holy Quran word by word in these Madaris