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Aim & Programme

Aim & Programme

Thus, the UKIM is not only an organization trying to serve the Muslim community, but it is also an ideological movement, It aims to mould the entire human life according to Allah’s revealed Guidance, following the life example of His last Messenger, Mohammed (peace and blessings of Allah he upon him). Aims

The UKIM is engaged in efforts to achieve the followings:

  • Developing an individual as a God-oriented person.
  • Developing the Muslim Community with a network of institutions to serve the needs of the community such as mosques, madaris, relief organizations, sports clubs, and social organizations for cultural activities.
  • Developing an outreach to the society at large in order to share Islam; its beliefs, values, principles and way of life.
  • Taking a lead in changing individuals and society with all its dimensions.


To achieve these aims the UKIM is currently engaged in the following work in the UK:

  • Establishing and running Mosques and Islamic Centres
  • Catering for the religious and social needs of the Muslim community
  • Running local Madaris (evening and weekend schools)
  • Social welfare
  • Relief work to alleviate sufferings throughout the world
  • Youth work having a network of Al-Farooq groups throughout the country
  • Organizing Muslim women for Islamic work
  • Dawah to community and society
  • Socio-political work (raising the voice of the oppressed people throughout the world)
  • Publications of newsletters, books, leaflets and pamphlets to disseminate the message and teachings of Islam to society.