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We invite you

We Invite you

This is what the UKIM is endeavoring to work for in the UK. This is the work and mission we believe the Muslim community in Britain should also be engaged in. It is through this work we can ensure that our mosques continue to attract large gatherings and our future generations remain firm on Islam. We therefore extend our invitation to you to join us and help in this noble work. We invite you to join us in our efforts to inspire and enable the Muslim community to live by Islam, and for conveying the message of Islam to the British society.

Allah has promised to those among you who believe and practice righteous deeds that He will surely establish them in the land, as He established those before them… (Al-Quran – 24: 55)


    • If you aspire to see Islam – God’s Way, rooted in human life and society;


    • If you aspire to see its beliefs, its cultural values and social and economic principles to be respected and accepted by the society at large;


    • If you desire the mosques in the UK to continue to have large congregations;


  • If you desire to save your future generations and society from the mischief (fitnah) and misguidance of secularism and materialism;

then Come forward, make a resolve today and join the UK Islamic Mission in its efforts for Islam.