iCare Oldham run by The EIC and UKIM Oldham Team,we see on average 34 families each week, providing 2 meals a day in food parcels for around 47 people.

We have been running for over 2 years on a monthly basis which has for the last 8 months seen a substantial increase in service users forcing us to provide the service every fortnight.

Here are the number of meals we have provided just in the following years.

The calculation is based on 47 people being served with 2 meals for 7 days per month in 2017 and twice a month in 2018.

2017 we provided 6768 meals 
2018 we provided double the amount making it a staggering 13536 meals 

In 2017 we served 564 people 
In 2018 we served 1128 people 

Further to this we gave out the following amount of food parcels consisting of staple foods and essential necessities to last around 7 days for each family.

In 2017 we gave out 564 food parcels

In 2018 we gave out 1128 food parcels 

You have to understand that these figures are very conservative and some of the food parcels given to the larger families are much larger and last much longer as the aim of iCare food hubs is not to make the recipients reliant on food package hand outs but to assess their needs and then to address their needs in order to make them self suffient by removing destitution and empowering them.

As well as this iCare has been working with other services and charities to further assist our service users in order to help them out of their desperate situations.

We are now liaising with many services across the borough in order to find more permanent solutions for our service users.

iCare is a vital reality of the needs of our society in which we reside in with the growing number of desperately destitute people throughout Britain as the austerity rises so does the UKIM to it's ever demanding challenges.

We believe in 2019 we will give out around 1650 food parcels which will make around 20,000 meals in just this year.

iCare Oldham played an instrumental role in empowering 124 mosques throughout Britain last year to open their doors to the homeless, when it rolled out it's homeless shelter program when the temperature dropped. This is a real case of sharing Islamic values with the citizens of Britain who have every right to know what Islam actually means.

We pray that UKIM iCare continues to share this message of peace and compassion with all of humanity as it has been doing since 1962.